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What kind of roofs we offer:

Asphalt Shingle Roofing
From the most basic 3-tab 10 year shingle to the best architectural shingles available, We have every style option to meet your needs.

Flat Roofing
We do lay-overs & tear-offs using the highest-quality bitumen roofing with aluminum coating with many different thicknesses, depending on your needs and your price point.

Metal Roofing

  • Spanish Tile Metal Roofing
    • With its classic elegance and long history, Spanish tile remains the most popular choice in many parts of the United States. Purposeful production perfectly captures the look of real tile with the protective benefits of steel.

    • Cedar Shake Metal Roofing (no fire hazard)
      • Metal roofing panels were expertly created to perfectly capture the look of real wood with the protective benefits of steel.  Chiseling and cracks are used to mimic the organic look of real wood and include eight separate elevation changes to replicate the irregularity of real wood shakes. Insurance companies are now raising premiums on real wood roofs, however you can receive a discount on your rate for Metal Cedar Shake Roof.

      • Slate Tile Metal Roofing
        • Authentically crafted and rendered in steel, Matterhorn Slate brings the natural beauty of slate to your home in a light-weight, fully recyclable, energy-efficient material.

        Damages caused due to severe weather:

        • Thunderstorms
        • Lightning strikes
        • Hurricanes
        • Tornadoes and high winds
        • Hail and ice storms
        • Freezing weather and ice dams

        Why use MR ADVOCATE?

        • We provide one of the best warranties in the industry for workmanship aside from the manufacture warranty.
        • Customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities.
        • We have the experience to do your job right – the first time.
        • Our prices beat compete with the best companies out there.
        • We carry a full line of high-quality, professional products.
        • We are licensed, bonded and fully insured.
        • Financing is available for qualified customers.
        • We do the work – and we guarantee it!


        When you discover water coming into your home, a fading portion on the ceiling, cracking in walls, and peeling wallpaper you are calling us too late. Roofing problems expand past what you can see and can result in fungus, dry rot, and insulation damage.

        The following are signs that your roof may need replacement:

        Missing, Cracked, or Curled Shingles?
        Dark, “Dirty-Looking” Areas On Your Roof?
        Stains on Interior Ceilings and Walls or Mold and Mildew Growth?
        Blistering and/or Peeling of Interior and/or Exterior paint?
        Excessive Energy Costs?

        start with your FREE roof inspection with MR ADVOCATE and rest assured your home is in good hands.

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        Mold Removal


        Mold causes allergies, in some cases severe health issue for the elderly and especially those with weak immune systems. Here a few things to look out for.

        Mild Symptoms

        Coughing and sneezing, irritation to the eyes, mucus membranes

        Moderate Symptoms
        Nose and throat rashes, chronic fatigue and persistent headaches

        Severe Symptoms
        Nausea, vomiting, and bleeding in the lungs and nose.